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Sore breast enlarged lymph perspiration

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  a swollen lymph node, while it may remain enlarged for several weeks, usually becomes less painful within several days. If the lump you feel isnt sore, or barely sore and it lingers for several. The axillary (arm pit) lymph nodes filter andor trap lymph from the arm, chest wall and breast. It is also important to mention that enlarged axillary lymph nodes are not necessarily a sign of cancer. Enlarged axillary lymph nodes can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, including breast cancer. If you, or a loved one, notice swelling andor feel a solid mass in the armpit area please contact a medical professional.   as swollen lymph node in the breast is the symptom of the underlying condition such breast abscess, or benign or malignant cancer. Treatment is planned to cure the condition, the lymph nodes will eventually recede to its normal size once the underlying disease is cured. To relive the pain caused due to swollen lymph node in the breast, apply warm water compresses. Breast swelling is an enlargement of the breast or both breasts compared to the regular breast size and may be accompanied by other symptoms like tenderness (soreness), pain, lump(s), changes of the areola or nipple and any secretion from the nipple. Swollen breasts may be a normal physiological process as seen in puberty or pregnancy or may be a sign of a medical disorder.   pain, itching or tenderness in the breast a non-healing sore anywhere on the breast, including the nipple a red, scaly, flaky nipple, and any persistent skin change, including blood or fluid from the nipple, may be a sign of pagets disease of the breast, another rare form of breast cancer.   inflammatory breast cancer is an accelerated form of breast cancer that is not usually detected by mammogram or ultrasound. Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include pain in the breast, skin change in the breast area, bruise on the breast,sudden swelling of the breast, nipple retraction or discharge, and swelling of the lymph nodes. 2300 in response to lopori86 my lumps feel exactly the same large to the outside but it was the little pea sized hard lump that i had felt im so scared to now after being told 2 lumps im waiting for hospital letter.   lymphatic drainage of the breast functional drainage of the breast. Most (75-90) of the lymphatic drainage of the breast is to the ipsilateral (same side) axillary nodes. Nearly all lymphatics of the breast drain along a subdermal plane into the axillae, typically collecting in a single sentinel lymph node at the lateral border of the pectoralis major muscle. I noticed recently a tender lump under my left armpitbreast area. I am 4 months post op from my surgery (under muscle silicone 350cc) and saw my ps yesterday for follow up. He felt it and believes its a swollen lymph node and that i should follow up with my gyno.

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