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The korean culture

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The korean culture is one of the oldest continuous cultures in the whole wide world. Today, starker cultural differences exist in todays korea, which has been split into north and south korea. However, originally this cultural and historical heritage was shared quite identically across the entire korean peninsula and even southern manchuria. To fit in with the culture you need to show interest in the language. It is also a good idea to try all the food and learn to love it. You remember when you try to talk to a group of friends and they laugh about something random and then say oh thats an inside joke, sorry. The concept of face (known as chaemyoun in korea) is central in influencing korean behaviour and thinking. This is the quality embedded in most asian cultures that indicates a persons reputation, influence, dignity and honour. In south korea, the perceptual lens of chaemyoun is taken especially seriously. Korean cultural center select a location select a location argentina australia belgium brazil canada china - beijing china - shanghai china - hong kong egypt france germany hungary india indonesia italy japan - osaka japan - tokyo kazakhstan mexico nigeria philippines poland russia spain thailand turkey uae united kingdom u. The issue of cultural identity rstarose from the sense of cultural discontinuity between korean traditional culture and contemporary culture, owing to the inuence of japanese colonialism (19101945), the divided korea (1945-present), the korean war (19501953), rapid.

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