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Vagina large objects

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Babypod is an internal speaker, designed by a spanish company, to be inserted into the vagina to play music and stimulate your foetus. There are lots of studies to confirm the possible effectiveness of music on babies in the womb, and mums can even co-listen with split headphones. Have you ever looked at a vagina and then wondered who has the biggest vagina in the world. The biggest vagina in the world belonged to anna swan(1846-1988) canadian women and it measured a circumference of 19inch which is approximately 48cm. She is also recorded to have the biggest newborn in the whole world. Every so often, crazy stories about the objects found in peoples butts, vaginas, and other human holes make the news. She learned to lift a range of objects by attaching a jade egg to the object, inserting it into her vagina and then using her internal muscles to hold it there. A perineal tear is a laceration of the skin and other soft tissue structures which, in women, separate the vagina from the anus. Perineal tears mainly occur in women as a result of vaginal childbirth, which strains the perineum. Which race of women have the biggest vagina? The ones who continually shove massive objects and fists up themselves. You put it in and it feels like you immersed your throbber into some luke warm. Here are just a few of the things people did to their vaginas in 2017.

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