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What is the world s largest vagina

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The biggest vagina in the world belonged to anna swan (1846-1988) canadian women and it measured a circumference of 19inch which is approximately 48cm. Anna haining bates (1846-1888), the owner of said worlds biggest vagina, was born in nova scotia. Meet anna swan gaining bates who is said to hold the record of worlds largest vagina. Anna haining bates , born anna haining swan (august 6, 1846 august 5, 1888), was a canadian from mill brook, new annan (near present-day tatamagouche ), colchester county , nova scotia , famed for her great height, believed to be 2. This is the vag most people picture when they think of a vagina. Theres also a misconception that the labia is supposed to be a certain length. Studies have found that the labia majora (outer lips) length varies from approximately 6 to 12cm, and labia. Worlds biggest vagina a woman in the 1800s named anna swan has the world record for the largest vagina. At a whopping 13 inches in depth, swans vagina definitely had some extra leg room. A human giant from the 1800s named anna swan stood seven feet and eight inches tall. In 1879 her gigantic vagina birthed the largest infant on record, weighing in at 26 pounds. Its unclear exactly who measured her vagina, but it clocked in at a staggering 19 inches in circumference. Barbie is the rarest vagina type however, its been so promoted in media and porn that women sometimes get vaginal tightening or labiaplasty to reach the ideal shape. Tatyana kozhevnikova owns this unofficial record (the vagina weightlifting category doesnt exist at the guinness world records but just you wait) by being able to lift up to 31 pounds with her vagina. A woman going by the name maxi mounds, meanwhile, claims to have the worlds largest surgically enhanced breasts with a mere 42m-sized bra.

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