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Why is my right breast suddenly larger than my left

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  a difference in breast size is not uncommon, and at eighteen, your breasts might still be growing, but at an uneven pace. You could be having swelling associated with your menstrual cycle or.   inflammatory breast cancer (ibc) is one possibility for a sudden change in your breast.   in terms of breast asymmetry, there is a common saying that the breasts are like sisters and not twins. Nobody is perfectly symmetric, and there is always some degree of difference between the left and right sides. The degree of asymmetry can range from barely perceptible to hard to ignore. Every woman has some degree of asymmetry when it comes to the breasts, and that is completely normal. There are different options to improve the symmetry such as breast augmentation with implants, fat grafting, or a breast lift. The left one is usually bigger than the right one, because the heart is on the left side and there are extra veins and arteries on that side. If its not bothering you, you dont need to do anything about it.   houston plastic surgeon henry mentz, md says a womans athleticism can influence the share of her rib cage as well.

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