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World record for the largest breast

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28-year-old sheyla hershey of brazil is the proud owner of the worlds largest breasts -- with a staggering, life-threatening, and unfortunately-named bra size of 38kkk. In may, abc news reported that hersheys breasts were 34 fff after eight surgeries and one gallon of silicone. Mounds holds the guinness world record for the worlds largest augmented breasts. She approached guinness in august 2003, but the category did not yet exist. After creating the category, guinness contacted her to request documentation of her measurements. Largest breast implants-world record set by sheyla hershey houston, tx, usa -- sheyla hershey, 28, housewife and model has undergone nine ops to get her massive 38kkk breasts-which sets the world record for the largest breast implants. Sheyla hershey traveled to houston eight times to have her breast enlarged to a staggering 34 fff. A mom of two who has the worlds largest natural breasts has revealed how her 102zzz-cup assets have netted her millions. Annie hawkins-turner, who is better known by the pseudonym norma stitz. Well, it looks like the guinness book will have to make an update! Elizabeth carter, the woman with the worlds largest breasts and longest fingernails, just became the oldest woman in the world. Robert earl hughes (usa) (1926-58) had a chest measurement of 315 cm (124 in). In february 1958, shortly before his death at the age of 32, robert earl hughes (usa) weighed 484 kg (1,076 lb 76 st 3 lb) and had a chest measurement of 3. 95 sf adam peaty great britain world championships budapest, hungary 100m breaststroke 56. 88 sf adam peaty great britain world championships gwangju, south korea 200m breaststroke 206.

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