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Worlds largest breast record

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Worlds biggest breasts sheyla hershey sets record with 38kkk bust (photos, video) 28-year-old sheyla hershey of brazil is the proud owner of the worlds largest breasts -- with a staggering, life-threatening, and unfortunately-named bra size of 38kkk. World largest breast record annie hawkins heaviest breast breast. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. In 2005, the name maxi mounds was entered in the guinness book of records as the owner of the largest artificial breasts in the world. According to measurements taken prior to the presentation of the guinness world records certificate, maxi has a 91. Maybe its partly human nature, but we like to see how far we can go, we like to push the envelope. So maybe it shouldnt be surprising that a woman in germanyapparentlyhas recorded the world record for the largest breasts. Thats righta woman named beshine has the worlds largest breasts. In 1999, the guinness world records declared norma as having the biggest natural breasts in the world and also the owner of the largest bra. Since then her breasts have grown up to 72zzz and she tops the scale at 345 pounds. Chelsea who hails from minnesota, usa, has had breast augmentation three times. After her first surgery, performed when she was 20, she went to a dd. Maxi mounds holds the record for the largest augmented breasts. Mounds is the first person to ever hold the record for the worlds largest breast augmentation. According to guinness world records, silva is the tallest woman in the world. The tall teen is married to a man who is 5 feet 4 inches tall (54). Robert earl hughes (usa) (1926-58) had a chest measurement of 315 cm (124 in). In february 1958, shortly before his death at the age of 32, robert earl hughes (usa) weighed 484 kg (1,076 lb 76 st 3 lb) and had a chest measurement of 3.

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