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  now if you are a boy and were also born in 1997 or 2007, then the last part of your full korean name would be jun i. Based on the above examples lets try to write the full korean name. Imagine someone, who is a female, has the following birthday november 30th, 1990 so last name november chae i. Gltmtzrj click here if you want to know how to write your name in korean, we will give you your written name!you are a beginner in korean and.   about press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.   if you want to change your english name to korean, you need to sound out each syllable in your name. Korean name generator lets you convert any name to a korean name, in hangul and romanized form. It is not a replacement for a professional korean name translation, but is based on korean transliteration algorithms and designed to provide a fairly accurate conversion of a given name, to how it may sound like in korean. Choi is a popular korean surname and the name young-soo means always wealthy. Share the test with gals who also dream about korea ) yoon hee-woo. Yoon is a popular korean surname and the name hee-woo means a beautiful rain. So, if you want to introduce yourself casually, just say your name and ya. From sino-korean ( eun) meaning kindness, mercy, charity or ( eun) meaning silver, money, as well as other hanja characters that are pronounced in the same way. It usually occurs in combination with another character, though it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name. This naming convention and tradition is highly affected from china in the past era that is far over 1,000 years ago, so if they write their name in hanja (chinese letters), not hangeul (korean alphabet), then its in many cases hard to distinguish who is korean and chinese, even one can read their name in either korean sound or chinese sound.

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